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In order to support the continued delivery of high quality training Summerhouse Equestrian and Training Centre has responded by founding Summerhouse Training Group.

“We are a group of experienced and high quality training providers working directly with businesses, allowing them to invest in the skills of their existing workforce or supporting the employment of a new Apprentice. As a recognised and accredited provider our aim is to ensure that all our employers receive outstanding support and training, improving efficiency and staff retention across a variety of sectors”

Peter Thompson – Group Operations Director

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Winnovation Training

At Winnovation, we pride ourselves on the provision of exciting training that motivates individuals and helps you create a winning team! We are based in the North East of England, but also do on-site training and have many distance learning courses.

Winnovation Training has over 100 Social Care and Health courses to choose from. Using a wide variety of learning methods, our courses are extremely flexible and provide great value for money. From 40 minute online courses to 18 month QCFs, we’re sure we can find you the perfect package to suit your training needs.

Please visit our website:

Green Labyrinth

Green Labyrinth is all about you getting the skills and qualifications to succeed in todays competitive job market. We are a skills focussed company that works with employers and individuals across Wiltshire, Dorset and Gloucestershire. Our aim is to change people’s lives and provide businesses with the skilled employees they need to remain competitive. Our focus is to work with you as a learner, delivering the highest quality education, skills and opportunity so that you can realise your ambitions and dreams; and you the employer to provide access to the training and skills you need to be competitive in todays fast paced economy.

Green Labyrinth specialises in delivering work focussed vocational qualifications, Apprenticeships, NVQ’s, and employability courses across a variety of sectors to underpin and provide essential work skills for success. Our moto is “Training done Properly” and this is what we do!

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At VTS we strive to be the best in what we do. Our vision is to become, the UK’s leading training provider for successful delivery of Apprenticeships, Traineeships, Adult Skills Budget and Advance learning Loans. VTS has been helping to bridge the gap between education and the workplace for many years. By listening to, and working hand in hand with employers, while developing close relationships with college partners, VTS has developed a reputation for delivering incredible value for our students and the employers they work for. Here at VTS we have developed a reputation for high levels of student support, while building and developing skills which the broad range of businesses we work with are actively asking for. Our team of Managers, Internal Verifiers, Assessors, Advisors and admin staff are a highly experienced and well-trained team of people. All have a background in the chosen sector of training and fully competent to deliver the training. Because we have a strong vision for providing good quality bespoke training, we guarantee that we will improve your professional practice within the sector, educate you about the sector, the changing cultures and provide you with flexible solutions for meeting the training needs of you and your employees.

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