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Why would I choose Summerhouse Training?

Summerhouse Training is a family run private training provider with over 30 years’ experience in delivering quality training and accredited qualifications.
Our mission is recognising that everyone has the Potential to Develop and Achieve (PDA) and that this is a continuous upward cycle of achievement for many of us.
Recognised with an Ofsted Outstanding grade 1 three times running you can be sure to receive the highest quality of training, service and support for your own PDA.

What is an Apprenticeship?

An apprenticeship is a genuine job with an accompanying skills development programme. Through their apprenticeship, apprentices gain the technical knowledge, practical experience and wider skills they need for their immediate job and future career. The apprentice gains this through a wide mix of learning in the workplace, formal off-the-job training and the opportunity to practise new skills in a real work environment.

How much does recruiting an apprentice cost for an employer?

If you recruit someone into your business as an apprentice, you should pay them at least the National Minimum Wage (NMW) for their age. Information about NMW for apprentices can found here. However, you may wish to pay more to attract and retain the best talent for your business, and wages often go up as skills develop.

If you would like an existing employee to go onto an Apprenticeship training programme, they’ll continue to receive their current rate of pay and their contract with you shouldn’t change as they won’t be classed as an apprentice.

How long does the apprenticeship last?

A level 2 Apprenticeship typically last’s 12 months and a level 3 advanced apprenticeship typically lasts 18-24 months however each programmes length is tailored to the experience of the individual apprentice and the number of hours they work.

For example typically for Level 2 Intermediate apprenticeship, the programme duration times are as follows:

  • Employed for 30+ hours = 12 months or more
  • 24+ hours = 15 months
  • 20+ hours = 18 months
  • 16+ hours = 23 months

Level 3 Advanced Apprenticeships tend to last between 15 and 18 months as there is more to cover, particularly in ICT.

Any employee starting an Apprenticeship must commit to completing it in full to ensure they achieve.

How old can an apprentice be?

An apprentice can be any age 16 years and above however the amount of funding contributed by the government is determined by age and employer status.

Can an existing employee start an apprenticeship?

Yes. However, the employee, undertaking the apprenticeship, must be in a new job role or is changing roles and they require significant training.

What do my employees have to commit to on an Apprenticeship?
  • They have to be committed to remaining with you, their employer.
  • They must intend to finish their Apprenticeship programme.
  • We recommend employees commit 1-2 hours a week for studying within working hours.
  • Attending their booked appointments when our assessor visits them.
  • Acting upon any training targets that their assessor sets them.
  • Asking their line manager for feedback on their job performance.
Is funding available to support training?

Summerhouse Training is a leading provider of Government-funded training programmes to support small, medium enterprises and large employers across the UK. We will ensure that all available funding is obtained for the programmes we deliver for you.

Give us a call on 01452 720288 or e-mail to talk through your individual training requirements. There are eligibility criteria for Government funding and we can check what’s most appropriate for your size of business and how we can best support you.

If you wish to recruit an apprentice, need support with the Levy or simply have any further questions around training, funding and support please get in touch and we will be Happy to help.


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