summerhouse-training-courses-gloucester Business Administration Apprenticeship

This Diploma is aimed at people in an administrative role who want to develop their skills. Administrators will be able to demonstrate essential business skills whilst showing how their work contributes to the wider strategy of their organisation or department

The level 2 Apprenticeship teaches you how to carry out basic administrative tasks such as working in a business environment, communicating in a business environment, creating documents, managing personal performance and development and making and receiving telephone calls.

The level 3 Advanced Apprenticeship is targeted towards people with experience in the administrative role and that have some form of responsibility for systems, practises or people and who would like to advance within their career.

Our work based learning course means you will be able to show your potential in a working environment, developing knowledge of the business and achieving confidence in your role.

summerhouse-training-courses-gloucester Course Description

This apprenticeship offers the chance to work within the administration sector and will either give you an understanding or increase your knowledge of this sector. You may work within an office environment, customer service centre or other setting, where administrative support is required. For the Level 3 you will have some ownership of people, products or services.

summerhouse-training-courses-gloucester Apprenticeship Level 2:

  • Level 2 Diploma in Business Administration
  • Functional Skills English level 1 (equivalent to GCSE D-G)
  • Functional Skills Math Level 1 (equivalent to GCSE D-G)
  • Functional Skills ICT Level 1
  • Apprentices with a GCSE ‘D’ or ‘E’ will be given the opportunity to work towards a Functional Skills level 2 qualification (equivalent to GCSE A-C)
  • Knowledge Assessment
  • Personal Learning and Thinking Skills
  • Employment Rights and Responsibilities

summerhouse-training-courses-gloucester Advanced Apprenticeship Level 3:

  • Level 3 Diploma in Business Administration
  • Functional Skills English level 2 (equivalent to GCSE A-C)
  • Functional Skills Math Level 2 (equivalent to GCSE A-C)
  • Functional Skills ICT Level 2
  • Knowledge Assessment
  • Employment Rights and Responsibilities Workbook (unless achieved at Apprenticeship)
  • Personal Learning and thinking Skills Workbook (unless achieved at Apprenticeship)

The Framework consists of Mandatory units which you must do and Optional units which you can choose depending on your job role and aspirations.

summerhouse-training-courses-gloucester Course Requirements

There are no entry requirements to this course, however, basic Math and Communication Skills (a GCSE A-C in Math and English is an advantage, but not a requirement, as we have specialist tutors available).

summerhouse-training-courses-gloucester Course Duration

This course can be started at any time and will typically take 12 months to complete.

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